Funeral / Memorial Prices ~ Seattle White Doves
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Funeral / Memorial Prices

The release of doves at a funeral or at a memorial service is aimed at bringing comfort and peace to those left behind. As the doves flying in the air are symbolic of their loved one ascending to the heavens.

White doves for funerals are a loving and inspirational gift along with flowers for your dear departed. When you choose a white dove release this will assist in the beginning of the grieving process as it will open the door so that you can “let go”. A dove release for a funeral will ensure that the service will always be remembered by those in attendance.

   A Single Dove – $150

    Two Doves  – $ 250

      Three Doves – $ 265

   Four Doves –$ 280

Five Doves -$ 295

   Seven Doves -$ 325

    Eleven Doves -$ 375

    Twelve Doves -$ 395

White Balloon Doves – $ 12 each 

This price includes delivery and tax.